June 23rd, 2020

With the announcement that Club pitches will re-open on June 24th (Adult teams) and June 27th (underage and minor teams) it is essential that, prior to these dates, all participants, including adult players, parents/guardians of underage players and team personnel, complete the online eLearning module and retain a copy of their certificate of completion.
In addition, one of the key control measures that has been put in place as part of a Safe Return to Gaelic Games is a Health Questionnaire.

  • Adult players, parents/guardians of underage players and team personnel will be
    required to complete the On-line Health Questionnaire once prior to their return to GAA Activities.
  • Adult players, parents/guardians of underage players and team personnel will be required to declare, before each subsequent training session/game, that their health status has not changed. This status declaration can be made prior to each attendance at club activity using the same on-line system as the original Health Questionaire.
  • The Health Questionnaire can be completed online or in hard copy, in which case it should be
    presented to the relevant Covid Supervisor on entry to the facility. A soft copy of the Health Questionnaire is included in this post. An online version of the Health Questionnaire will go live on June 23rd and this is the only system that should be used.
  • Each squad of players in the club will have their own Covid-19 Supervisor who will ensure compliance with all the return-to-play protocols that must be followed.
  •  It will be the responsibility of the individual to inform the squad’s Covid Supervisor of any change in circumstance prior to any subsequent sessions

A user guide for the online system has been included here and will also be available alongside a demonstration video at https://learning.gaa.ie/covid19
Additional information, including demonstrations on how to use the online system, are/will be
available HERE.

A user guide on how to complete the Health Questionnaire is available at this link.

Gaelic Games_Health Questionnaire_User Guide_22.06.2020

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