Minor Ladies Football Report

Four Masters Minor girls travelled to Milford on Tuesday night for the county semi-final. Having won out their section Milford would have been the favourite to win but they were not expecting a very determined and positive approach from Four Masters. From the whistle our minors were committed and competitive and never gave up until the final whistle. Although our defenders were tenacious the Milford attackers broke through on numerous occasions usually resulting in a skilful point or unstoppable goal which mostly came at the end of the second half. The support play was excellent and when we did drive the long ball in, we were successful in finding the net on two occasions and popping over a total of 7 points. While there were numerous positive aspects to our play our weakness lay in taking too much out of the ball and not letting it in quickly enough. The final score of 4-19 to 2-07 was in no way reflective of the passion and honesty which this group of girls brought to Milford. This is the end of the short lived minor campaign but a lot of these girls still have u16 football to contest and the older players can join the seniors who still are in competition. The management would like to thank the players for their outstanding attendance at training and commitment to improving their skill level and fitness.


By fourmasterspro Sun 16th Aug